Hello, I'm Cher. I love puzzles, problem solving and making cool stuff.


Who I am

With 16 years of experience building web applications, I've worked on cool projects such as compass, eyeglass, and Code For America. Being an engineer has given me the opportunity to work with brilliant, creative people at Blizzard, USA Today, Mind Makers, NASA, CodePath, Operation Code, and Twitch.

With a love of math, science and art, being a developer has let me utilize all of my passions and talents to create some really awesome projects. An application I concepted, designed, and built was featured in Smashing Magazine ( twice!)

What I do

I am a full-stack software engineer specializing in mobile-first, responsive web applications.

While I was in middle school, I began working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, building static Everquest guild websites and blogging templates.

After my first professional job as a front-end developer, I learned Ruby and Python and I started exploring data: modeling, aggregating and visualizing. Now I have the privilege of experimenting in many languages to revolutionize UX and architecture.